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Number of clubs
Year of foundation
Head Office Address
Norwegian Ice Hockey Association
Sognsveien 75 J
Oslo 840
+47 21 02 90 00

League Management

General Manager
Ottar Eide
Head of Operations
Petter Salsten
Head of PR
Kristoffer Holm

Regular Season Games

Per Club

Competition Format

Regular Season: Each team plays 5 times vs. all other teams = 45 games
Playoffs: Top 8 teams make QF; 1st team picks team 7 or 8, 2nd team picks team 6 or remaining 7 or 8, 3rd team picks 5 or remaining 6, 7 or 8, 4th team gets the remaining team. SF; 1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3, all series best-of-7
Play-outs: Last two teams of regular season plays cup vs. first two teams in Division 1.

Championship History

Last Five Season's Champions

2015–16 Lorenskog IK
2014–15 Stavanger Oilers
2013–14 Stavanger Oilers
2012–13 Stavanger Oilers
2011–12 Stavanger Oilers

Most Winning Clubs

26 Valerenga Oslo
7 Furuset IF
6 Storhamar Hamar
5 Stavanger Oilers
3 Frisk Asker

League History

In contrast to many other leagues in Europe, the Norwegian League has always been run by the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association. The League consists of 10 teams and is now called the Get-league after league sponsor, cable-TV company Get. It has steadily increased its attendance figures and is now the 2nd most favoured Norwegian attendance sport, after football. Even though hockey developed simultaneously in the capital Oslo and in Norway’s third city, Trondheim, the Norwegian championship remained a strictly Oslo affair. The first team outside Oslo to win the championship was Stjernen (The Star) from Fredrikstad, approx. 100 km south east of Oslo, in 1981. This was preceded by a period of dominance from Norway’s pre-eminent club, Vålerenga of Oslo, who won nine championships in a row in the late sixties and early seventies. As this dynasty crumbled, the championship rotated between two other Oslo clubs, Hasle Løren and Manglerud Star, and Frisk Asker for the rest of the seventies. The next major development came as a consequence of the 1994 Olympics, when four new rinks were bulit in Hamar, Gjøvik and Lillehammer. This lead to Lillehammer winning in 1994, and later Storhamar of Hamar created a dynasty that lasted for many years. Then Sparta of Sarpsborg enjoyed their glorious days. Nowadays the most exciting hockey town in Norway is Stavanger, where the local club, the Oilers, regularly fill their new arena.

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Norwegian Ice Hockey Association

Norwegian Ice Hockey Association
Sognsveien 75 J
Oslo 840
+47 21 02 90 00