Mika Niemi (47) scored the lone goal in Karpat Oulu's Liiga win on Thursday. | Copyright: Karpat Oulu/CHL via Getty Images Interviews 05.02.2016

Karpat players see Frolunda as "a good challenge for us"

Right now Karpat Oulu are in the midst of their last couple of Liiga games before Tuesday's Champions Hockey League Final against Frolunda Gothenburg. After Thursday night's 10 home-ice win over SaiPa Lappeenranta, centre Mika Niemi and defenceman Lasse Kukkonen spoke about the game and the upcoming Final.
The Final between Lulea and Frolunda was the highlight of the 2014–15 CHL season.  | Copyright: Martin Rose/Getty Images Game day recap 03.02.2016

Looking back: the first CHL Final one year ago today

Where were you one year ago today to see the Champions Hockey League Final between Lulea Hockey and Frolunda Gothenburg. We take a look back at the classic encounter, including the build-up before and all the aftermath.
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