Karpat fans quickly bought all tickets to the CHL Final - but Darren Kilfara figures they could have made more noise.  | Copyright: Karpat Oulu/CHL via Getty Images Game day recap 10.02.2016

Commentator's Blog, Part 4: still Oulu (lessons learned)

In the wake of Tuesday night's Champions Hockey League Final in Oulu, commentator Darren Kilfara makes his final blog entry of the season, explaining the lessons he learned calling an big game in a packed house. 
Jacob Berglund putting the finishing touches on his award-winning goal vs TPS Turku. | Copyright: Storhamar Hamar/CHL via Getty Images Press releases 10.02.2016

Top Goal of the year: Jacob Berglund of Storhamar Hamar!

Hockey fans have decided that the magnificent goal scored by Storhamar Hamar's Jacob Berglund was the best one of the 2015-16 Champions Hockey League season.
CHL Final II – Karpat vs Frolunda
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