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Sheffield Steelers

# Name Club Pos Height Weight Shoots Birthdate Nat
33 Ervins Mustukovs SHE GK 184cm 86kg L 07.04.1984 LAT
30 Brad Day SHE GK 155cm 70kg L 24.06.1994 GBR
# Name Club Pos Height Weight Shoots Birthdate Nat
29 Rodney Sarich SHE D 192cm 84kg L 23.03.1981 CAN
12 Andreas Valdix SHE F 183cm 87kg L 06.12.1984 SWE
44 Mike Ratchuk SHE D 177cm 86kg L 20.02.1988 USA
5 Christoffer Bjorklund SHE D 177cm 83kg L 30.12.1987 SWE
13 David Phillips SHE D 190cm 84kg R 14.08.1987 GBR
75 Robert Dowd SHE F 155cm 79kg R 26.05.1988 GBR
15 Mathieu Roy SHE F 182cm 89kg L 14.11.1986 CAN
81 Ben O'Connor SHE D 185cm 90kg L 21.12.1988 GBR
19 Luke Ferrara SHE F 155cm 89kg R 07.06.1993 GBR
21 Tyler Mosienko SHE F 154cm 78kg L 21.03.1984 CAN
28 Zack Fitzgerald SHE D 186cm 97kg L 16.06.1985 USA
41 Guillaume Desbiens SHE F 187cm 94kg R 20.04.1985 CAN
2 Anders Franzon SHE D 192cm 89kg R 27.01.1989 USA
8 Jesse Schultz SHE F 182cm 87kg R 28.09.1982 CAN
67 Colton Fretter SHE F 155cm 82kg R 12.03.1982 CAN
14 Liam Kirk SHE F 180cm 64kg L 03.01.2000 GBR
76 Levi Nelson SHE F 183cm 84kg L 28.04.1988 CAN
17 Markus Nilsson SHE F 175cm 80kg L 30.03.1991 SWE
90 John Armstrong SHE F 190cm 96kg R 26.02.1988 CAN
20 Jonathan Phillips SHE F 155cm 79kg R 14.07.1982 GBR
27 Cole Shudra SHE F 182cm 78kg L 11.08.1998 GBR

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