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Mountfield Hradec Kralove

Mountfield Hradec Kralove (MHK)

Club Address
Komenského 1214/2
Hradec Králové 500 03
Czech Republic

Front Office Staff

Miroslav Schön
Aleš Kmoníček
Sport Dir/ Team Mgr
Ladislav Souček
Marketing Mgr
Petr Picka
Media/Comm Mgr
Jan Vavřina

Coaching Staff

Head Coach
Václav Sýkora



Last Five Seasons

2016–17: 4th regular season, Semi-Finals
2015-16: 3rd regular season, Quarter-Finals
2014-15: 5th regular season, Quarter-Finals
2013-14: 5th regular season, Quarter-Finals

About the club

Senior hockey in Hradec Kralove dates back to 1925, with one season in the top flight for HC Královští lvi Hradec Králové in 1993/1994. Mountfield HK made their Extraliga debut in 2012/13, after Mountfield, who owned the license to compete in the league, moved the team from České Budějovice and merged them with Královští lvi. Since the move to Hradec Kralove, the team has averaged around 5,000 people at their home games, and built up an East-Bohemian rivalry with Dynamo Pardubice, as the cities are just 19 km apart from each other. After three straight seasons ending in Quarter-Final losses, Mountfield HK got through to the Semi-Finals in 2017 before their playoff journey ended in a 6-game defeat to Kometa Brno. The team were invited to take part the prestigious Spengler Cup last season, getting to the Quarter-Finals. One of the most gifted players that to have played in Hradec Králové is the current captain Jaroslav Bednář. There are also some other players with international experience -- both Richard Jarůšek and Stanislav Dietz dressed for the Czech national team during the last season.

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Home venue

Fortuna Arena

Komenského 1214/2
Hradec Králové 500 03
Czech Republic