Adler Mannheim find themselves atop the DEL standings. | Copyright: S. Binder/CHL via Getty Images News 24.11.2014

European leagues round-up: back at it after international break

With Europe’s leagues all now back from the international pause and heading into the cold winter months, how are the top leagues around Europe shaping up? Remember, it’s not just races for top positions and playoff spots, but also for next season’s CHL that are up for grabs!
 | Copyright: CHL via Getty Images News 21.11.2014

Quarter-final: Luleå Hockey vs Lukko Rauma

Read below for information on the quarter-final series between Luleå Hockey and Lukko Rauma. Game 1 will be played in Luleå on 2 December, then Game 2 will be played in Rauma on 9 December. 
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